The Beauty of Nature By Paulus Kristanto

Paulus Kristanto is independent graphic designer based in Indonesia, have passionate about design, photography, branding, layout, digital art, fashion, etc. He is a graduate of Petra Cristian University, Majoring Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Art And Design. Since 2012, he has been working on some various project branding, graphic design, and photography. His projects main focus is to make and build the brand logo, visual identities, print design, packaging design, photography, digital art overseas & local clients. He has worked some clients from the corporate & personal business. His works given the opportunity to enter at international publication and he

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Minimalist Home Decor Designs

There are many reasons why you should want a minimalist style of interior design for your home. One is the fact that minimalist homes are more relaxing compared to homes with too many details. Another reason is that it is easier to clean and exudes a classy look. Minimalist homes are also easier and less expensive to maintain. If you plan to convert the interior of your home to the minimalist style, here are some minimalist home decor designs you should consider:


25+ Beautiful & Inspiring Photography

Creativity in photography is essential to a good photograph. The creative digital photographer who knows how to use their creativity will stand head and shoulders above other photographers and produce quality images. The question is, how do we become more creative in our photography? It’s very simple. Below we showcase 25 creative photographs that showscases the creativity of their photographers. Hope you enjoy it:

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30+ Classic Movie Posters Re-Imagined

The studios release movie posters when a movie is released but sometimes the studio released posters are not as exciting as we want them to be. Internet is filled with designers and artists re-creating their favorite movie posters with their own imagination. Following are some of re-imagined movie posters of some classic movies. Enjoy.


25 Really Clever and Creative Print Ads

We all might hate the ads on our TV and are happy to remove ads on YouTube as quickly as possible but advertising Industry sometimes creates some gems of an art that you have to wait and look back and marvel on the creativity of the designer. Today, I wanted to showcase some of the creative ads that caught our eyes and made us think about the way the they capture our imagination.

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Amazing Game of Thrones Illustrations

Game of Thrones Season 6 has just ended and now begins our long wait for the Season 7. The story of Game of Thrones has amazed viewers all over the world and the designers from all over the world have poured heart and soul in designing amazing Game of Thrones Fan Art. Today in this post I have showcased some of the fan art that I found quite interesting. Enjoy and Remember Winter isn’t Coming. It’s here.

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10 Office Design with Tiered Seating Areas

Having a designer offices that showcases the people and culture of a business is very essential today. One of the things employees these days look for when joining a company is the office designs and if you do not have an office design that exclaims your culture then its hard to retain the employees and the it can also hamper the overall productivity of people working in your office. Businesses these days spend a fortune to make their offices and hip and interesting. There are various aspects of an office design that makes it interesting. Below we showcase designs of office who

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Malika Favre’s Minimalist Style Pop Art

Malika Favre is a French artist based in London. She has worked with clients like The New Yorker, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora and Penguin Books and many others. Her design style is a combination of PopArt with a mix of OpArt with massive use of bright color in positive/negative style. Following are some of design. Enjoy.   You can check more of her work over at:


55 Amazing Staircase Designs

Everyone has an idea in their mind about their dream home. While growing up we envision a home that is just for us and according to our desires. We plan every inch of our home and think about various ways we will design the home. We might not focus a lot on our home’s staircase design but with a little thought those stairs can also show your creativity as a designer.  Below we share with you today 50+ amazing staircase designs from around the world.