Photography Inspiration # 3

In today’s photography inspiration of Colormunk we present we latest photos from the world of Unsplash. Unsplash provides Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. 10 new photos every 10 days. Verne Ho Samuel Zeller Maico Amorim Vladimir Kudinov Kamesh Vedula jamie mink Patrick Tomasso veeterzy Julien Moreau Lukas Budimaier Sweet Ice Cream Photography Jay Ruzesky


16 Beautiful Skate Board Design

Back when I was a kid, skate board was one of my favorite toy to play around with. I used to spend hours and hours skating through the parks and even today I can’t help but admire the various amazing designs the new age skate boards are coming up with. Today, here we look 16 beautiful skate board design that make your skate boarding much more fun. Some of these are actual products whereas few of them are just concept design but beautiful nonetheless.

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20 Awesome E-commerce Checkout Design Inspiration

If you run a e-commerce website then the most valuable page of your site is the final checkout page that your customer sees before they give you their money and checkout pages are also page with one of the highest bounce rate, so you need to have a great looking checkout page which helps your convert your visitors into customers. Here are 20 checkout page design we have seen recently on various e-commerce sites.

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Kathmandu Street Art

When you think of Kathmandu, the Capital of Nepal, you think of mountains and temples. Rarely you think of the street art in this bustling capital city. Nonetheless, Kathmandu’s street have been lately painted red with colorful wall art and street arts. Here are some of the arts for your viewing.

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15 Beautiful Receipt Designs

As a designer that the last thing you want to work on is the receipt your customers get when they buy a product from you.  Most people overlook on receipts and tend to use the same default receipt design that comes along with their e-commerce software. But if you can put some extra work into your receipt design then you can not only provide your customers a better buying experience from start to end but also entice to them to buy back more often from you. Here are 15 amazing receipt design we found used by companies in various industries.

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2016 Web Design Trend – Vertical Split Screen

2016 brought with itself a new web design trend i.e. Vertical split screen.  This type of design showcase the user two different option on two sides of screen and sometimes they show the text on one side and a large corresponding image on the other side. Following are some of the design we found while browsing the internet. Here for your inspiration: FiftyFive Desktime Dewey’s Pizza LilleHammer 2016 Matthew Hall Peugeot preventionr3summit  

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Thomas Yang’s Designs of Nepal After Earthquake

Artist Thomas Yang created a special art print for his store 100copies, which is where he combines his love of both art and cycling. For the creative director’s Nepal-inspired print, the compassionate artist designed a man riding a bike with his red cape blowing freely in the wind. The cape itself takes on the shape of Nepal in the spectacular “Ride On, Nepal” piece, encouraging the overwhelmed country to be strong during this difficult time. Most importantly, all proceeds gained from this empowering work of art will be donated to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief fund. via [Lustik]


5 Amazing NASA Image of the Day

A Precocious Black Hole 2 days agoIn July 2015, researchers announced the discovery of a black hole that grew much more quickly than its host galaxy. The discovery calls into question previous assumptions on development of galaxies. The black hole was discovered using the Hubble Space Telescope, and detected in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, by ESA’s XMM-Newton and NASA’s Chandra. Hubble Captures a Galactic Waltz This curious galaxy — only known by the seemingly random jumble of letters and numbers 2MASX J16270254+4328340 — has been captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope dancing the crazed dance of a galactic