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Minimal City Stamp Design By Elen Winata

Elen Winata is an designer based  out of Singapore. Her project Stamps : Cities showcases capital cities from around the World in a minimalists design with a plethora of colorful illustrations. Her works span across different mediums such as illustration, digital, design and advertising and she is  known for her art;s clean lines and vibrant colors, which are held together by simple but thought provoking ideas. Here are some of the designs from project Stamps : Cities.  Let us know how you like them.  

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20 Creative Invoice Designs for Your Inspiration

An invoice serves as an important means of communication for financial transactions between two parties. Professionally designed invoice form, logos, letterheads and other items can be of a great help to build your professional reputation. A meticulously designed and attractive invoice form can leave a long lasting impression on your clients and contributes to your credibility. You can make your invoice design simple and generic or you could invest a bit of creativity and create a one of its kind Invoice. Below we showcase some invoice design whose designer sure have invested lot of their creativity to make them look

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10 Office Design with Tiered Seating Areas

Having a designer offices that showcases the people and culture of a business is very essential today. One of the things employees these days look for when joining a company is the office designs and if you do not have an office design that exclaims your culture then its hard to retain the employees and the it can also hamper the overall productivity of people working in your office. Businesses these days spend a fortune to make their offices and hip and interesting. There are various aspects of an office design that makes it interesting. Below we showcase designs of office who

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15 Beautiful Receipt Designs

As a designer that the last thing you want to work on is the receipt your customers get when they buy a product from you.  Most people overlook on receipts and tend to use the same default receipt design that comes along with their e-commerce software. But if you can put some extra work into your receipt design then you can not only provide your customers a better buying experience from start to end but also entice to them to buy back more often from you. Here are 15 amazing receipt design we found used by companies in various industries.

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Daily Inspiration # 1

On Colormunk we have a passion for great design, we strive to provide awesome design whether they be in any niche or industry. Following our passion we find amazing artworks by various designer that we cannot include in our other posts, those images and artwork will be posted in our Daily Inspiration Series. Following are some of the images that we found today which we think are worth sharing. Enjoy !   NOTE: We find these images on Tumblr and various other sites so finding credit to the artist is hard. If you are the original author, or know who the