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30+ Great Movie Posters

After months of hiatus we are back we are new collection of awesome movie posters. Some of these are of new movies and some old and some of them are official posters whereas other made by fans. But whatever be the case they all are beautiful and evoke a feeling in the viewers. Enjoy !!!

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Minimal City Stamp Design By Elen Winata

Elen Winata is an designer based  out of Singapore. Her project Stamps : Cities showcases capital cities from around the World in a minimalists design with a plethora of colorful illustrations. Her works span across different mediums such as illustration, digital, design and advertising and she is  known for her art;s clean lines and vibrant colors, which are held together by simple but thought provoking ideas. Here are some of the designs from project Stamps : Cities.  Let us know how you like them.  

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Amazing Game of Thrones Illustrations

Game of Thrones Season 6 has just ended and now begins our long wait for the Season 7. The story of Game of Thrones has amazed viewers all over the world and the designers from all over the world have poured heart and soul in designing amazing Game of Thrones Fan Art. Today in this post I have showcased some of the fan art that I found quite interesting. Enjoy and Remember Winter isn’t Coming. It’s here.