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15 Beautiful Receipt Designs

As a designer that the last thing you want to work on is the receipt your customers get when they buy a product from you.  Most people overlook on receipts and tend to use the same default receipt design that comes along with their e-commerce software. But if you can put some extra work into your receipt design then you can not only provide your customers a better buying experience from start to end but also entice to them to buy back more often from you. Here are 15 amazing receipt design we found used by companies in various industries.

Web Design,

2016 Web Design Trend – Vertical Split Screen

2016 brought with itself a new web design trend i.e. Vertical split screen.  This type of design showcase the user two different option on two sides of screen and sometimes they show the text on one side and a large corresponding image on the other side. Following are some of the design we found while browsing the internet. Here for your inspiration: FiftyFive Desktime Dewey’s Pizza LilleHammer 2016 Matthew Hall Peugeot preventionr3summit